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Zummade delicate wash

Zummade is a really delicate wash that helps maintain proper hygiene and protects skin.
Being a woman is a lot of things. One of the most important things is appreciating skin and figure and understanding its needs.
lady zone is probably the most delicate part of whole physique. The skin there is really delicate and requires proper care. Using the right product that balances the skin, keeps it clean, soothed and hydrated will make all the difference.

Zummade features:

Soothing effect

This delicate wash helps soothe the skin and removes any irritation. Feel the silky texture on skin and feel the hydrating powers of the wash. The product contains unique ingredients that help soothe the skin and deliver long- lasting feeling of freshness.

Natural formula

The main ingredients in this wash are fig and mugwort which act as natural cleansers and protectors. The wash also contains chamomile and calendula which are extremely soothing and hydrating.

Balancing wash

This wash supports skin and keeps it well- balanced. It is formulated to work with the skin and keep it protected. The wash is suitable for daily use as it doesn’t strip essential elements from the skin.


I have very sensitive skin which gets easily irritated. This wash helps keep my skin hydrated and well- balanced.

Smells great and feels great! Leaves my skin super soft and fresh. It has a light, flowery scent and feels really nice on the skin.